Every year, the gymnasts at the
Antibes School of Rhythmic
Gymnastics compete at the annual
end of year Baby Cup show- a
show determining the winner of the
prestigious Baby Cup!

Amy K

The Baby Cup is an honorable, and
traditional award here at Antibes
Rhythmic. Each year, the 7 year-old
girl who displays the most hard work,
ambition, and sportsmanship among
her fellow gymnasts receives the Baby
Cup, an award commemorating her

The winner of the 2012 Baby Cup was
year 7-year old Amy K. When I sat
down with Amy, we asked her how it
felt winning the Baby Cup after her
hard work at trainings. “I was happy
and excited,” Amy told us.

Most girls Amy’s age are usually just
starting Elementary school. But Amy
is already training 2-3 times a week, and
that doesn’t stop during the summer,
when Amy attends gymnastics camp.
I asked Amy what she does when she
gets tired at trainings, and how she
handles it. “I sit down and rest quickly,
or have a drink of water, and then go
back to work.”

What goes the mind of our Baby Cup
winner when performing her routine is
the question I had wanted answered. “I
think about doing my routine good and
winning if I do it good.” Amy told me.

I had also asked Amy what advice she
would give to the younger gymnasts
here at Antibes Rhythmic, and possibly
future Baby Cup winners. “When you
can’t do a skill, don’t stop doing it, try
and try again,” she said “and listen to
your coaches”.

Amy K, 2012 Baby Cup Winner

We wish Amy the best of luck in future
trainings and competitions, and hope
she can set a great example for other
gymnastics to come. We also wish
all the gymnasts at Antibes Rhythmic
Gymnastics good luck in the 2012-
2013 competitive year!


Maria Pustylnik

(former gymnast)

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