Antibes Rhythmic is a gymnastics school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Its goal is to provide recreational and professional trainings, facilities,  support a healthy lifestyle (such as food and activities) our gymnasts  who dedicated to Rhythmic Gymnastics.

In our school there is a subsidized program. The more hours your child practices a week , the less you pay. The longer you stay with the school, the less you pay each year, and after 5-6 years you have free of charge workout.

Almost every month we have an open house day where parents can observe free of charge how children improve their skills in the gym.

We do not promise that your daughter will be a champion, but she will if she has ability for that. And we promise that your daughter will acquire mastery of the gymnastics apparatus.

We have a Sports-Dance Group, where girls can combine their technique of dance and gymnastic skills together and participate in various events…

Recreational Rhythmics is appropriate for either the beginner or for the athlete who is interested in a non-competitive environment. The Recreational Rhythmics program is focused on fun and learning, with the eventual goal of performing ensemble routines. Gymnasts are guided through stretching, ballet, dance and rhythmic gymnastics body technique incorporating the use of rhythmic gymnastics ropes, hoops, balls and ribbons in harmony with music. This program is designed to develop fundamental body movements, basic coordination, concentration, rhythm, and team skills.

– Year Round Lessons
– Summer & Winter Camps
– Parents & Tots Program
– Flexible schedule
– Experienced coaches

rhythmic gymnastics
Local Directory for Toronto, Ontario

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