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On February 2, 2013 Antibes Rhythmic Gymnastics was invited to perform at Night to Nurture Gala / Grocery Foundation Event
(Metro Toronto Convention Centre)


gymnasts warm up


Group AGG



group AGG , rope routine


rope routine


Daniela K. performing hoop routine

Maria Ch., ribbon routine

Group AGG

Group AGG

Kristina P., hoop routine

Maria Ch. and Kristina P. performing ball routine

Group AGG2, ball routine

Group AGG2, hoop routine

Ball routine



On October 25th, 2012, Antibes Rhythmic School of Gymnastics has their annual Skills Competition. The Skills competition involves four main teams, each performing specific techniques in rhythmic Gymnastics. The four main teams are team balance, team pivot, team flexibility, and team jump. Each of these techniques are incorporated into the gymnastics routines of the girls, and are performed with apparatuses. 

 rhythmic gymnasticsrhythmic gymnasticsrhythmic gymnastics


Team jump displayed the basic jump skills used in their gymnastics routines, whether with apparatuses or a free routine, like the tuck jump, and the passé jump. Team Balance went second, and were quite impressive with the different balance positions they performed. 

Team pivot went  after, and entered the floor in a graceful and relevant way to their technique, pirouetting onto the carpet. They performed a series of turns, displaying to the parents intricate movements of pivots. Team flexibility went last, but proved to a crowd pleaser, as the gymnasts contorted their bodies into different shapes and positions. Each team beautifully displayed the skills and techniques that make up rhythmic gymnastics, and the wide variety of elements used in the routines.

rhythmic gymnasticsrhythmic gymnasticsrhythmic gymnasticsrhythmic gymnastics

At the end of the night, it was time to rank the teams, from 1st to 4th place. Team balance won 1st place, followed by team flexibility, then team pivot, and finally team jump. 


Individual routines were also performed by the competitive gymnasts, and you were able to see how the skills performed by the teams were incorporated into routines, and how they were used with apparatuses. 

At the end of the night, the teams were awarded at the awards ceremony, and gymnast was able to choose a toy from the table at the head of the gym. 

We hope the gymnasts continue to practice and improve on their skills from each of the four categories, and how they perform them in concession to their apparatuses. We hope to see the teams perform again next year!



Maria Pustylnik

(former gymnast)